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What are the Advantages of Filters?

Mar. 29, 2021

As a Spherical Lenses Manufacturer, share with you.

The filter is actually a piece of glass or plastic that is placed on the front of the camera lens when shooting. There are many types of filters, which can basically be divided into several categories: some filters can be used to correct the appearance of a photo, some can be used to enhance the effect of a photo, and special effect filters can completely change the appearance of a photo.

Laser Filter Lens

Laser Filter Lens

In black and white photography, we use filters to brighten or darken the gray tones of a certain color on black and white negatives or photos. In color photography, the use of filters is more complicated, because the color of the filter itself affects every color on the photo or slide. However, if used appropriately, it can be proved that the filter is extremely effective in many color occasions. First, consider a simple red filter. If you use it to shoot color film, there will be a strong red tint on the slide or photo. If we like the red sky instead of the blue sky, we can achieve our wish by using a red filter. This is the so-called "special effect".

However, when shooting black and white film with a red filter, the situation is quite different. Since there is only black and white, "color" cannot be reflected in black and white photos, but the black and white tonal values on the photos can be changed. For example, using the same red filter to shoot black-and-white film, the blue sky will have a darker gray tone than the sky without the filter. Therefore, using the red filter can take a black-and-white photo of a dark gray sky with tumbling white clouds. The result may be a beautiful and natural black and white photo.

We may not understand the mystery of this, but don't worry. In this lesson, we will discuss in detail the various filters used when shooting color or black-and-white film.

Let's take a look at another example: when shooting a bunch of roses with black and white film, if we use the same red filter, we can vividly highlight the red roses from the background of green leaves. The result will be a very nice black and white photo, with prominent bright red roses in sharp contrast with dark green leaves.

Therefore, the correct selection of filters is an important creative tool that we can use.

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