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What is the Benefit of the Optical Lens Headlights?

Apr. 27, 2021

As a Precision Optics Manufacturer, share it with you. Legile lens and concave lenses, convex lens acts as light polymerization, and the concave lens is the dispersion of light. We all know that the car headlight is divided into a low beam and a high beam. The principle of the colored lamp is relatively dispersed, and the intensity is relatively low. The high beam is gathered with a convex lens source, and the intensity is relatively high. The car plus lens is polymerized, and no lens is scattered instead without the long lamp of the halogen. Compared with the headlights of the lens lamp head, the headlights with the traditional lamp have: uniform brightness, strong penetration, light The advantages of scattering.

Custom Optical Windows

Custom Optical Windows

What is the benefit of the vehicle optical lens headlights:

1. Because the optical lens has strong concentrating capabilities, use it to take the road, not only the pavement is bright, but also clear.

2. Since the light is small, its light range is much farther and clear than ordinary halogen lamps. Therefore, you can make you see a distant thing in the first time to avoid the intersection or miss the target.

3 This allows the car to receive the light information in the first time to avoid the occurrence of an accident.

4.The HID bulb life inside the lens is 8 to 10 times the ordinary bulb, thereby minus unnecessary trouble that makes you always have to change the light.

5.The lens xenon lamp does not need to be installed any power supply system, because the real HID gas discharge lamp, there is a voltage stabilizer, 12V voltage, then transfer the voltage to normal voltage. It can act as a function of power saving.

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