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Custom Optical Windows

Our custom optical windows are custom made from hundreds of types of optical glass materials to meet all scientific instrument applications from UV-Visible and NIR wavelengths.

Xi'an Huaxing Bofa Optoelectronic Technology Co, Ltd. is a good optical components manufacturers in China. Our custom optical windows are custom made from hundreds of types of optical glass materials to meet all scientific instrument applications from UV-Visible and NIR wavelengths. Optical windows usdful for protecting sensitive equipment and having high transmission through the windows. Whether simple optical windows, commercial optical windows or precision optical windows, our is your good choice.

Custom Optical Windows processed include:

Custom optical dome

Custom N-BK7 or equivalent windows

Custom borosilicate windows

Custom B270 windows         

Custom UV fused silica & IR fused silica windows

Custom Sapphire windows

Custom CaF2 windows, MgF2 windows

Custom Silicon windowsXi'an Huaxing Bofa Optoelectronic Technology Co, Ltd.


Stock codeProducts name mm diametermm thicknessmaterialcoating 
HX-I-21-535Beam splitter77/Honeycomb lens
HX-I-21-529Black faced doll154H-K9L
HX-I-21-521filter51*161/430 filter
HX-I-21-522filter56*161/560 filter
HX-I-21-523filter51*161/480 filter
HX-I-21-524filter51*160.5/640A filter
HX-I-21-525filter51*161/580 filter
HX-I-21-526filter51*161JGS1 quartz530 filter
HX-I-21-527filter68*151/530 filter
HX-I-21-528filter68*150.5/640 A\B filter
HX-I-21-542filter68*151/690 filter
HX-I-25-0648eyepiece161.6JGS1 quartz3x eyepiece
HX-I-20-509eyepiece12.73JGS1 quartzeyepiece
HX-I-20-510eyepiece203JGS1 quartz1064nm 2x eyepiece
HX-I-20-511eyepiece161JGS1 quartz 4x eyepiece
HX-I-20-512eyepiece161.9JGS1 quartz4x eyepiece
HX-I-20-513eyepiece161.6JGS1 quartz3x eyepiece
HX-I-26-0681eyepiece161.6JGS1 quartz1064AR eyepiece
HX-I-22-556Wedge lens 71//
HX-I-21-516rhombic prism2.47*13.1919/400-700AR 
HX-I-21-536rhombic prism37*5.542.12//
HX-I-21-537rhombic prism18.5*3.35.6//
HX-I-22-549rhombic prism17*6.63.47H-K9L/
HX-I-22-550rhombic prism17*6.812.97H-K9L/
HX-I-26-0684rhombic prism35.9*1211.6/ 1064 AR
HX-H-26-0669532 totally reflecting205JGS1 quartz532
HX-I-22-0575 two-phase lens25.4*25.42
JGS1 quartztwo-phase lens  
HX-I-26-0674two-phase lens32*27.61.5JGS1 quartz455 T=17% 500=7=HR 45°
HX-I-24-0616Beam splitter16*102JGS1 quartzBeam splitter
HX-I-29-0757530 gemstone43*408H-K9L530 gemstone
HX-I-27-0691640 gemstone40*308H-K9L640 gemstone
HX-I-26-0672filter68*151JGS1 quartzfilter
HX-I-26-0666other25.43JGS1 quartz700-900HR 350 -450HT
/JGS1 quartz950
12.73JGS1 quartz808 HT 1064 HR
HX-I-32-081145 degree reflector//JGS1 quartz915HR 650HR>80% 45º
HX-I-32-081245 degree reflector//H-K9L450HR 45º650 1064 HT

HX-H-017-0436Field lens window923H-K9LField lens window
HX-H-32-0832other 70.2*41.72H-K9L1550 AR 400-700 T《50%
HX-H-32-0838other 15*151H-K9L525HR  
HX-G-32-0850rhombic prism///532AR 

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