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Cylindrical Lens

Cylindrical lens is mainly used to change the size of the imaging design requirements.

Material :K9 and JGS1 Quartz

Cylindrical lens is mainly used to change the size of the imaging design requirements.For example, converting a spot to a line spot or changing the height of the image without changing the width of the image.Cylindrical lens be used in linear detector lighting, bar code scanning, holographic lighting, light information processing, computer, laser emission.The optical cylinder lens is widely used in the strong laser system and the synchrotron radiation beam line. At the same time, the requirements for cylinder lens parts are becoming higher, especially in the high-power laser resonator cavity piece and the long line interferometer,other high-precision test instruments and devices.

What Specifications can we achieve?

Material: Optical glass,UV Fused Silica, Infrared Glass,Silicon Germanium,CaF2.


Flatness:1/10 lambda@632.8nm

Coating:AR BBAR.


What Structure can we make?

Plano Convex Cylindrical lens,plano concave lens, double convex cylindrical lens,double concave cylindrical lens,mensicus lens,achromatic cylindrical lens.


What test report can we offer?

Zygo Interferometer.


Size tolerance


Coating Curve with test plate.


What is your delivery time?

10-100-200pcs: 15-20days


For large quantity, we can make partical delivery.

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