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Laser Focusing Lens

What is a laser focusing lens?

The laser focusing lens is used to focus the collimated light from the laser beam in various laser applications. Laser lenses include a variety of lens types, including PCX lenses, aspheric lenses, cylindrical lenses or laser generator lenses. Laser lenses are designed to focus light in several different ways depending on the lens type, such as focusing down to a point, a straight line or a ring. Many different types of lenses can be used in the wavelength range.

What is the role of laser focusing lens?

The diameter of the laser beam used by the laser cutting and engraving machine is approximately one-quarter of an inch (240 one-thousandth). In order to achieve high-quality engraving and precise cutting, the laser beam uses a mirror and focusing lens system to redirect the laser.

The laser system uses a plano-convex lens to focus the laser. The laser enters the convex lens and starts to converge to a focal point. After passing through the focal point, the light diverges again.

Precautions for laser focusing lens

The output of the laser device (laser beam power).

Material and purpose (cutting or engraving).

The level of detail of the graphic.

The thickness of the material.

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