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If a symmetric lens is considered as part of a sphere, then there will be a line passing through the center of the sphere and attaching to the mirror at the exact center of the lens. This imaginary line is called the main axis. The lens also has an imaginary vertical axis that divides the symmetrical lens in two. As mentioned above, light rays incident on either side of the lens and propagating parallel to the main axis converge or diverge. If the light rays converge (as in a converging lens), they will converge to a single point. This point is called the focal point of the converging lens. If the rays diverge (as in a divergent lens), the divergent rays can be traced back until they intersect at a point. This point of intersection is called the focal point of the divergent lens. In the figure below, the focal point is indicated by the letter F. Note that every lens has two focal points-one on each side of the lens. Unlike a mirror, a lens can pass light through any surface, depending on the source of the incident light. Subsequently, each lens has two possible focal points. The distance from the mirror to the focal point is called the focal length (abbreviated by f). Technically speaking, a lens has no center of curvature (at least not one center of curvature is important to our discussion). However, the lens does have a virtual point, which we call the 2F point. This is the point on the main axis that is twice as far away from the vertical axis as the focal point.

For a thin lenticular lens, refraction is to focus all parallel rays to a point called the primary focus. The distance from the lens to this point is the main focal length f of the lens. For a biconcave lens with divergent light, the main focal length is the distance at which light rays projected backwards converge together, and it is assigned a negative sign.

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