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Micro Lens

Optics manufacture Micro lens, the minimum diameter is 0.1mm from optical glass substrate.

Material :K9 and JGS1 Quartz

Sunday Optics manufacture Micro lens, the minimum diameter is 0.1mm from optical glass substrate.

Product Details:

StructureMicro lens
MaterialOptical glass, UVFS, Germanium, Silicon, CaF2, MgF2, ZnSe ZnS, Sapphire
Diameters Available0.1mm available
Diameter Tolerance+0.00/-0.01mm or customer design
Surface Quality10-5
Surface Irregularityλ/10 @632.8nm or customer design
Thickness tolerance+0/-0.02mm
Clear Aperture>90% of Diameter or full CA
Chamfer0.05-0.5mmx45degree, according to customer's needs.
Centeration3 arcmin
CoatingSingle Mag2, Multiple Layers AR Coating
A: 350-650nm
B: 650-1050nm
C: 1050-1585nm
D: Customer Design


Stock codeProducts name mm diametermm thicknessmaterialcoating 
HX-I-20-4971064 Beam combiner172JGS1 quartz45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-4981064 Beam combiner201H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-4991064 Beam combiner202H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-5001064 Beam combiner203H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-21-5391064 Beam combiner251H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-5011064 Beam combiner253H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-5021064 Beam combiner301H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-5031064 Beam combiner403JGS1 quartz45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-26-06651064 Beam combiner403JGS1 quartz45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-H-019-04691064 Beam combiner8080*6H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-27-06881064 Beam combiner9076*3H-K9L45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-22-05741064 Beam combiner90*763JGS1 quartz45° 650nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-504355  Beam combiner202H-K9L45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-22-0572355  Beam combiner202H-K9L45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-505355  Beam combiner202 JGS1 quartz45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-23-0610355  Beam combiner253H-K9L45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-506355  Beam combiner403JGS1 quartz45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-24-0613355  Beam combiner403JGS1 quartz45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-H-019-0472355  Beam combiner403JGS1 quartz45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-H-019-0467355  Beam combiner8080*6H-K9L45° 355nmHR 1064HT
HX-H-25-0641532 Beam combiner66*2JGS1 quartz45° 532nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-494532 Beam combiner88*2H-K9L45° 532nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-20-495532 Beam combiner202H-K9L45° 532nmHR 1064HT
HX-H-23-0601532 Beam combiner202H-K9L45° 532nmHR 1064HT
HX-H-29-0753532 Beam combiner202H-K9L45° 532nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-22-0567532 Beam combiner202JGS1 quartz45° 532nmHR 1064HT
HX-H-27-0707532 Beam combiner502H-K9L45° 532nmHR 1064HT
HX-I-31-0803355  Beam combiner90*763 JGS1 quartz355HT 650HR 45º 355
HX-I-32-08171064 Beam combiner100*1003 JGS1 quartz1064
HX-I-26-0683 Beam combiner110*1003 JGS1 quartz650HR 355HT 45°
HX-I-26-0685Beam combiner110*1003 JGS1 quartz650HR 1064HT 45°

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