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ZnSe Cylindrial Lens

ZnSe lens is a good material for CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine, We select excellent material from USA, High transmission and high quality surface roughness.

Material :K9 and JGS1 Quartz

ZnSe lens is a good material for CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine, We select excellent material from USA, High transmission and high quality surface roughness. With high quality, we produce ZnSe plano convex lens, ZnSe plano concave lens, ZnSe meniscus lens, Znse ball lens, and custom size ZnSe.

Product Details:

Diameter5mm to 250mm
MaterialImport USA ZnSe,China ZnSe
Surface Quality40-20 standard
Flatness1/10 lambda
Focal Length Tol.+/-1%
Coating Wavelength8um-12um
Clear Aperture>85% of diameter
Design Wavelength10.6um


Stock codeProducts name mm diametermm thicknesscoatingmaterial
HX-D-23-0602 Laser output mirror12.540º 1064nm T=60%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0144 Laser output mirror1540º 1064nm T=70%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0145 Laser output mirror1950º 1064nm T=50%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0147 Laser output mirror19100º 1064nm T=20%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0146 Laser output mirror19.059.70º 1064nm T=20%H-K9L
HX-I-22-552 Laser output mirror2040º 1064nm T=20%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0148 Laser output mirror2040º 1064nm T=25%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0149 Laser output mirror2040º 1064nm T=50%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0150 Laser output mirror2040º 1064nm T=60%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0151 Laser output mirror2040º 1064nm T=70%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0152 Laser output mirror2040º 1064nm T=80%H-K9L
HX-I-22-548 Laser output mirror204s1:0°1064HR T=80% s2:1064ARH-K9L
HX-D-007-0170 Laser output mirror2050°1064nm T=50%flat convex 1.5mH-K9L
HX-I-21-543 Laser output mirror2050º 1064HR  T=10%H-K9L
HX-I-21-544 Laser output mirror2050º 1064HR  T=90%H-K9L
HX-I-21-538 Laser output mirror2050º 1064HR T=45%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0153 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=15%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0154 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=20%H-K9L
HX-D-006-0155 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=30%H-K9L
HX-D-007-0156 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=40%H-K9L
HX-D-007-0157 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=50%H-K9L
HX-D-007-0158 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=60%H-K9L
HX-D-007-0159 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=70%H-K9L
HX-D-007-0161 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=80%H-K9L
HX-D-007-0160 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=80% two sides H-K9L
HX-I-22-547 Laser output mirror205s1 :0°1064 T=20% S2:1064AR H-K9L
HX-D-27-0699 Laser output mirror205two sides (one side is AR)H-K9L
HX-D-25-0657 Laser output mirror12.730º 1064nm T=20%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0173 Laser output mirror1540º 1064nm T=70%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0174 Laser output mirror1950º 1064nm T=70%JGS1 quartz
HX-I-24-0630 Laser output mirror196.40º 1064nm T=60%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0175 Laser output mirror196.40º 1064nm T=65%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0176 Laser output mirror19100º 1064nm T=20%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0177 Laser output mirror19.059.5250º 1064nm T=20%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0178 Laser output mirror19.5100º 1064nm T=20%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-25-0655 Laser output mirror2020° 355nm T=25%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0179 Laser output mirror2040º 1064nm T=50%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-007-0180 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=50%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-008-0181 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=60%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-008-0182 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=70%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-008-0183 Laser output mirror2050º 1064nm T=80%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-008-0184 Laser output mirror2080º 1064nm T=50%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-008-0185 Laser output mirror20100º 1064nm T=50%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-25-0656 Laser output mirror20.440º 1064nm T=60%JGS1 quartz
HX-D-31-0801 Laser output mirror2040º 532  T=80%H-K9L
HX-I-30-0783 Laser output mirror12.76.532100   T=15%JGS1 quartz
HX-F-32-0840 Laser output mirror4531064 T=40% 45 degreeH-K9L

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